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Fremantle Has Talent - Variety Show

Updated: May 10, 2021

Fremantle Has Talent is a community organised family friendly talent show. It is a talent show with a difference.

There is room for all performers, from the professional and semi-professional to pure entertainment with performances and acts that make us enjoy, laugh and appreciate community and local talent.

There are 4 official categories of performers:

1. VOCAL – up to 3 minutes

You can be a solo singer, duo, band or a choir. It is your choice of genre – rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, blues, popular, country ….

2. DANCE – up to 3 minutes

You can be a solo dancer, duo or group. It is your choice of dance styles – ballet, ballroom, contemporary, tap, jazz…..

3. VARIETY – up to 3 minutes

Here is your chance to show off a variety of acts – comedy, musical, magic, pet & human act to name a few.

4. INTERNATIONAL- up to 3 minutes

A folk dance is a dance developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a certain country or region. This category will also include dances of ritual origin. You can perform solo, duo or group.

This is truly a talent variety show. We want everyone to have fun, a laugh and enjoy the event.

Any questions, just send us an email.



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